Redesigning Office Properties Website

Visual Design | 2016

The client faced the problem of how to increase the contracts of their business that offers office properties for lease and rental in business centre areas of Tokyo such as the Marunouchi district. To solve the problem, we redesigned their website and added a promotional video and various content to help office seekers not only search for offices conveniently but also know about the attractiveness of their offices.

  • Online Promotion
  • Research Based Concept Making
  • Real Estate

Background and Our Approach

We assumed the previous website could not adequately inform visitors of the benefits, such as location and cost performance of their offices, despite the office search system. To understand the uniqueness and advantages of their offices, we actually experienced the Marunouchi district on foot and then discussed how to promote its attractions in the area. Based on the research, we proposed producing a time-lapse video of one day in the Marunouchi district, and as a result, our idea was accepted.

[image] background


We planned not only the video production but also many of its content points in order to promote the benefits of Mitsubishi Estate's offices, such as the facilities, costs and locations. Then we visualised each page to describe the benefits clearly. In our developing process, I drew some handwriting wireframes and shared my ideas with others including other designers, engineers and even the client.

[image] process


After launching the website, we analysed the effects of the renewal by Google Analytics. The results showed that the figures for inquiries climbed approximately sevenfold, and the number of contracts signed approximately doubled. Therefore, we were convinced we had achieved the client's goal.

[image] outcome

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