Yusuke Kanda is a service and experience designer, who is very keen to seek practical approaches to design for positive social and cultural change. He is passionate about seeking design approaches for tackling many inequity and exclusion issues people face in today's more complex world.

His passion comes from his educational and professional backgrounds. When he studied sociology at university, he participated in the activities of an organisation for preserving and reactivating traditional houses in Kyoto, Japan. Through the experience, he wrote the graduation thesis about the citizens' community-building actions using art and design in a local area.

After graduation, he has been designing websites and digital services for various industries in Japan for years. The strength in his profession is to propose design plans clearly and logically. In addition, he prides himself on collaborating well with team members through visual thinking.

These experiences encourage him to multiply the power of design and social actions for a better future. After entering Royal College of Art, he has engaged with service design projects, especially ones in the social impact area, including his final project, "The School of New Ideas". Those practices during RCA represent his attitudes as a designer.

Some of previous case studies are not published.
If you want to know more, please feel free to get in touch :)