User Interface Prototype for CANON EXPO

UI Design | 2010

The team proposed future user interface prototypes including common elements representing the corporate identity in collaboration with designers from the company because the client sought their future products to showcase in their exhibition as a part of the R&D.

  • Future Prototype
  • Three Dimensions User Interface
  • Office Environment
  • Corporate Identity

Background and Our Approach

The client required the UI concepts to present the future prototypes of three services; a work environment system, a camera user interface and a healthcare system, in their exhibition. Our team discussed our ideas and sketches with their designers weekly, with iterating the process.

Early Sketches


After the discussions, we defined two concepts; “Flipping Grids” and “Delicate Textures”, the expressions of the corporate attitude to represent manufacturing products meticulously.

“Flipping Grids” and “Delicate Textures”


My role was to design a work environment system. What the client expected was how they can provide a system that helps office workers find materials for making their documents. Through several discussions with the client, I proposed a plan which has a three-dimensional space, and grouped materials, such as texts, images, sounds and movies, flow in the space. Workers who use the system can notice the materials related to their current project by the guide of flipping grids, like AI. Once they check the materials, they can keep the materials in their storage area by dragging them.


After designing the proposition, I produced an animated video as a prototype with a flash animation developer. It got not only our design deliverable but also a series of instructions for the client. Then, their in-house engineers deployed it as an interactive system. Unfortunately, it was different from our concept deu to out of our controlling, however, those prototypes were displayed at the CANON EXPO 2010 Exhibition in New York, Paris and Tokyo.